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Nisarga Agro Industries

a little story about us

We are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of varied agricultural based, eco friendly natural products (desiccated coconut powder, copra, cold pressed coconut oil, virgin coconut oil)from coastal Karnataka.

We are a start-up company with a strong team of skilled and dedicated work force to deliver the agricultural products in its most natural form. We genuinely care for the health of our consumers and hence we are committed to provide safe & healthy products which are un adulterated, devoid of any preservatives or additives.

Our products are manufactured in a highly safe & hygienic conditions at all times. We comply with all the legal, regulatory & statutory requirements by adopting fair manufacturing and ethical business practices.

We are a team of highly skilled & committed skilled labour & staff. We at Nisarga are always proactive and developing innovative ways & ideas towards developing our products for customer satisfaction