Desiccated Coconut Powder, Dry Coconut Copra, Virgin Oil, Nisargacoconut


We at Nisarga, are into manufacturing desiccated coconut powder of superior quality.

As the fresh coconuts procured for the manufacturing of coconut powder is from the coastal Karnataka region (known for best quality coconuts in India) it is superior in taste, sweetness and has a wonderful nutty flavour. There are no additives, preservatives or taste enhancers added to the product. Hence it is in its milk st natural form.

Since fresh coconuts are perishable, they can spoil easily. However, desiccated coconut powder has almost the same nutrient value of fresh coconuts, and stays good for several months. It is very easy to use and very practical too. The best part is one can easily get desiccated coconut powder in grocery section of all the supermarkets. Our products under the brand “NISARGA” is available in Dmart departmental stores, big bazar, Ratna super market and many more.

Desiccated coconut powder contains high nutritious value and its always better to add the same into your daily meals. Many delicious, healthy and nutritious recipes can be created with this. Especially can be used extensively to extract coconut milk.

Health benefits of desiccated coconut powder are many. To name a few, it helps in brain health, provides minerals, strengthens the bone, improves cardiovascular health , gives necessary fibres etc.

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